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HIS Version I. Specially Designed for African Americans
Curriculum authors originally designed the Healthy Image of Sex curriculum specifically for predominantly African American audiences, therefore, curriculum images and particular lessons are approached from this cultural perspective. The curriculum, when presented to the intended target audience is best taught by an African American teacher. Sessions are designed to be thirty to forty-five minutes in length and appropriate for seventh through twelfth grade students. [Purchase Online]

HIS Version II. Redesigned for ethnically diverse Populations
As interest in the HIS curriculum has increased in the faith community at large, authors were asked to develop a curriculum for more diverse populations. This curriculum is open to ethnically diverse audiences, addressing common interests and issues amongst youth. Just as in the original Healthy Image of Sex, it is best taught by teachers who can relate to the struggles of the youth they teach. Relationship is paramount!! [Purchase Online]

Curriculum Focus

Table of Contents The Healthy Image of Sex curriculum focuses on defining terms related to sexual abstinence for students. Each lesson is built around one or two terms, which are defined and then applied through activities. During the initial stages of curriculum development, writers understood the need to redefine words for students contrary to definitions that modern society provides. For example, authors define “virtue” as: voluntary obedience to truth; “marriage” as: the choice of a man or woman to commit to one another as husband and wife for life; and “safe sex” as: having sex only with your uninfected marriage partner who is having sex only with you.

Healthy Image of Sex teaches students to live a chaste lifestyle rather than merely abstaining from sex. The advantage to this, which is explained to students, is that chastity is a virtue that is carried over into the marriage relationship. Chastity is defined as: freedom from all sexual activity before marriage and fidelity after marriage.


Marriage is emphasized in every lesson and the advantages of reserving sex for marriage are reiterated. Curriculum authors take into account the fact that many students do not come from a home where their mother and father are married or even present in the home. Healthy Image of Sex teaches students that although a lifelong marriage may not have been modeled in their home, they can strive for and achieve this beneficial lifestyle for themselves. Students are taught statistics that prove how maintaining their virginity until marriage will greatly enhance the likelihood of a lifelong committed marriage. Classroom experience has shown that although a students’ initial image of marriage is typically diminished, as teachers continue to define marriage, the students respond to their innate desire to aspire to this committed relationship.

National Institute of Health

The National Institutes of Health and the Medical Institute for Sexual Health are the sources for all sexually transmitted disease information and data in the curriculum.

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